Monday, September 3, 2012

Business Trips 101

Hello World! (I'm still alive I promise!) I apologize from the bottom of might heart from the couple month hiatus I took from blogging.  My job has been taking up a lot of my time, but it a great way!  Since I last posted, I have been traveling a good amount for work so today I figured I'd highlight the must haves for a successful business trip.

Business Trips

Business Trips by pinkclassyfabulous featuring a zipper dress

Business trips are amazing opportunities for a young girl like me to not only travel, but learn from the experience.  I have been so lucky to have already traveled out to Indianapolis, Indiana, Atlanta, Georgia, and Stafford, Virginia.  

Packing for business trips are extremely crucial, because this is the time that you REALLY don't want to forget anything. Bringing multiple options for clothes is important, but the key is to bring items that are versatile such as a black pencil skirt that can be paired with any colored top, and don't forget your blazer! As for accessories, keep it simple, it is much easier to only bring the things you wear everyday to avoid losing anything. When it comes down to the luggage, pack lightly (you'll be on your own when it comes to lugging where it needs to go!) I have found that garment bags are key, I'll definitely be investing in one soon!  Lastly, don't forget a great bag to carry around the necessities like an agenda, iPad, notebook, and pens!

Here are some moments from my past business trips.

1. Atlanta, Georgia skyline
2. Co-workers in Indianapolis!
3-4. Girls trip to Stafford!

Until next time, stay classy & fabulous!