Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2012 Warehouse Sale: RECAP!

After a long away weekend away, I am finally back to recap on my Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale adventures! I had a great few days with my beautiful sorority sisters LTN, CMD and CPM.  We all made our way up to Southern New Jersey safe and sound on Wednesday afternoon. After a late night filled with catching up, we managed to roll out of bed and head over to the Lilly sale at 2:30 AM! The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center was a frenzy filled with Lilly Lovers from all over! 

As usual for Warehouse sales we waited in line until shopping began at 5:00 AM.  This time around since we made it to the sale right on opening day, it was a madhouse compared to the Winter Warehouse sale.  It was truly a competition to get items, especially the extremely popular sample sale items that go for a fraction of the original prices.  Since LTN, CMD, CPM and I were obviously rookies of the "grab anything and everything you can get with a pink tag on it" method of attack, it took us a few minutes to really begin our shopping.

After 7 hours of grabbing, sorting, fighting off vultures and changing in the middle of a warehouse, I managed to walk out of the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center a little bit stronger and a happier girl, carrying a nice brown bag filled of new wardrobe additions with my head held high because I had just conquered the Spring Lilly Pulitzer sale.  Check out what I brought home below! 


1. Vicki Dress featured in Black
2. Bernadetta Dress featured in Resort White Powder Puff Embroidery 
3. Connell Sweater featured in Turquoise Coral Cascade



1. Resort Chic Wedge featured in Gold
2. McKim Sandel featured in Daiquiri Pink
3. Coral Hinged Bracelet featured in Gold Metallic Sea Coral
4. Critter Earrings featured in Lillys Pink Cherry Blossom 
5. Florida's Natural Tie
6. Glam It Up Clutch featured in Gold Metallic Coral 

I also stumbled upon some fabulous posts from fellow bloggers about their finds at this years Lilly Warehouse sale, check them out below!
If you attended this years sale, what day did you go on & what did you bring home? 

Stay Classy & Fabulous!

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