Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work to Play Outfits

Today was my first FULL day of work! It was a crazy day filled with a lot of learning and interacting with a number of different types of people.  I managed to get home pretty late today (thanks to intense highway traffic because of Northern Virginia road construction) so I am leaving you with a quick post!

All Work... Some Play

All Work... Some Play by pinkclassyfabulous featuring chronograph watches

I always love the idea of finding versatile clothes that can take you from a long day in the office to a night out on the town with close friends.  Showcased above is how I would have change my "All Work" outfit (that I actually did wear to work today!) on the left into a cute "Time to Play" outfit shown on the right.  I was actually lucky enough to have found the pink paisley skirt above from H & M for only $7.00! 

What are some pieces in your wardrobe that you love wearing both professionally and for fun?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Acrylic Monogrammed Jewelry by Vita Bravo

I stumbled upon Vita Bravo on Etsy the other day and found they have great options for acrylic monogrammed jewelry pieces for a fraction of the price (compared to others I have seen in the past).  Vita Bravo provides their customers with a jewelry design that that combines natural healthy mineral stones with personalization and a price that can fit any budget and any demand all at the same time!  Here are some of the pieces I loved! (P.S you have 13 colors to choose from, and all their monograms are about 1.25 inches big and comes with a 18' gold or silver chain)
Monogram Necklace   Acrylic  Necklace
Monogrammed Acrylic Necklace ($22.00)

Monogram Necklace Acrylic Necklace
Monogrammed Acrylic Necklace ($24.00)

Round Monogrammed Acrylic Necklace ($22.00)
Monogram Necklace Acrylic Necklace
Monogrammed Acrylic Necklace ($24.00)

Connect with Vita Bravo:
What do you wear your monogrammed jewelry with?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Rabbit Hole

Earlier this month I found The Rabbit Hole on Etsy and I could not say no to their Lilly Pulitzer checkbook cover.  I know writing checks is extremely old school, but the checkbook cover was a great add-on because it not only protects my checks and my account log, but it makes checks 10x more appealing to carry around.

Based out of Texas, The Rabbit Hole provides customers with checkbook covers, passport covers, luggage tags, and mini wallets in various prints and designs. I love the design and quality of my checkbook cover, but there are so many design options and customization options that it made it difficult for me to choose just one! Here is the cover I chose, featured in White Zin ($6.25).

Here are some other adorable options:

Checkbook Cover  Pink and Green Preppy Floral Mumsie - a cardstock and clear vinyl duplicate check book cover  2

Passport Cover - Bloomers Preppy Pink and Green Floral - a cardstock and clear vinyl Case Holder Wallet 5a

This purchase was my very first Etsy purchase, and it was a great experience.  Susan, the owner followed up with me right after my purchase, and had the checkbook cover mailed to me within a few days (PLUS the cover came wrapped in green and the enveloped was sealed with pink tape!).

Connect with The Rabbit Hole!

Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Employed!

Today at approximately 6:08 pm (not to be exact or anything...) I received a call that made all my fears of growing old in the streets with a useless degree and a bunch of cats fly away, and I am officially employed and a working woman!

Here is a classic professional outfit that was very similar to the the outfit I wore to my final interview!


Here are some posts I found from my fellow bloggers that highlight some great working girl outfits and accessories!
What are some essential items you have in your wardrobe for the corporate world?

A Guide to Summer Concerts.

With the first day of summer just a few days ago, the start of the summer concert season has already begun. Concert going is always at it's prime during the summer season because the beautiful sunny weather and longer days puts everyone in the right mood. I have had some of my best memories with my friends and family at concerts.

When going to concerts it is important to remember to wear the right outfit. Something that is comfortable and cute.  With the beautiful sunny season wearing bright colors is a great option (and it helps you from getting lost from your own crowd!).  A cross body bag is a necessity, it allows you to maneuver around the mass amounts of people easier and keeps your hands free while you sing-a-long to your favorite song. As for accessories... keep it simple, a watch to tell the time (minimizes the amount of times you have to pull out your phone), one piece of statement jewelry (necklace or bracelet take your pick!) AND don't forget your sunglasses!

Summer Concert Outfit

With summer concerts comes the best tailgates.  Don't leave home without these tailgating essentials!

Tailgate Checklist

This summer I have already been to two concerts! Zac Brown Band at Merriweather Post Pavillion with NBT and Dave Matthew's Band at Jiffy Lube Live with my cousin AN & her boyfriend GM as well as my lovebug DA and our friends JT, CB, and JM. Here are some photos of my outfits & our tailgating supplies.

  1. NBT & I @ Zac Brown Band (high waist purple shorts, white tube top, coral cross body bag, cowboy boots, Michael KORS watch)
  2. Crowd @ the Dave Matthew's Band Concert
  3. Setting up the tailgate @ Jiffy Lube Live
  4. Coolers packed up and ready to go!
  5. DA & I @ Dave Matthew's Band (high waisted coral shorts, white tank, Coach cross body bag, Jack Roger sandals, Michael KORS watch, homemade mint necklace)

What are some of your concert essentials? What are some concerts you plan on attending this summer?

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday! Stay Classy & Fabulous!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Traditional Prep - "Where Class Meets Comfort"

Just stumbled upon an up and coming southern and preppy brand Traditional Prep!  Founded in 2012 Traditional Prep brings customers products that are classic in design with a comfortable fit and feel. 

They currently are supplying customers with pocket tee's ($16), visors ($18), stickers ($1.50), and koozies ($3.00). I personally love the simple design as well as their color combinations (especially the teal and orange on the back of the pocket tee!).

Check them out at and use coupon code - PREP to receive 15% of your purchase

Connect with Traditional Prep:

What do you think of their design? What are some of your favorite southern/preppy brands?


Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2012 Warehouse Sale: RECAP!

After a long away weekend away, I am finally back to recap on my Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale adventures! I had a great few days with my beautiful sorority sisters LTN, CMD and CPM.  We all made our way up to Southern New Jersey safe and sound on Wednesday afternoon. After a late night filled with catching up, we managed to roll out of bed and head over to the Lilly sale at 2:30 AM! The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center was a frenzy filled with Lilly Lovers from all over! 

As usual for Warehouse sales we waited in line until shopping began at 5:00 AM.  This time around since we made it to the sale right on opening day, it was a madhouse compared to the Winter Warehouse sale.  It was truly a competition to get items, especially the extremely popular sample sale items that go for a fraction of the original prices.  Since LTN, CMD, CPM and I were obviously rookies of the "grab anything and everything you can get with a pink tag on it" method of attack, it took us a few minutes to really begin our shopping.

After 7 hours of grabbing, sorting, fighting off vultures and changing in the middle of a warehouse, I managed to walk out of the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center a little bit stronger and a happier girl, carrying a nice brown bag filled of new wardrobe additions with my head held high because I had just conquered the Spring Lilly Pulitzer sale.  Check out what I brought home below! 


1. Vicki Dress featured in Black
2. Bernadetta Dress featured in Resort White Powder Puff Embroidery 
3. Connell Sweater featured in Turquoise Coral Cascade



1. Resort Chic Wedge featured in Gold
2. McKim Sandel featured in Daiquiri Pink
3. Coral Hinged Bracelet featured in Gold Metallic Sea Coral
4. Critter Earrings featured in Lillys Pink Cherry Blossom 
5. Florida's Natural Tie
6. Glam It Up Clutch featured in Gold Metallic Coral 

I also stumbled upon some fabulous posts from fellow bloggers about their finds at this years Lilly Warehouse sale, check them out below!
If you attended this years sale, what day did you go on & what did you bring home? 

Stay Classy & Fabulous!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Lilly Pulitzer Weekend - Spring 2012 Warehouse Sale

The day is finally here! I've been looking forward to making the treck up to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania again for the Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2012 Warehouse sale.  I was lucky enough to have made the trip with one of my besties LTN during the winter for their Holiday/Resort Warehouse sale and it was amazing! This time around LTN will be joining me again as well as CMD and CPM. This time I hope we are getting there early enough to snag some cute accessories (last time they sold out on the first day!) I am also looking to hopefully find a cute dress or two and some fun shorts and skirts for the summer.

Here are some of the items I snagged last time! I loved having such a variety of dresses throughout the rest of my school year especially because the weather started getting a lot warmer.  My splurge last year was the bright pink tube top dress which I wore to my sorority formal.  I walked away with 5 dresses last year for less than $300!

So today embarks my weekend adventure! I will be heading up to Southern New Jersey today and staying at CPM's house for the night. Then we plan to head over to Pennsylvania tomorrow morning at around let's say 3 o'clock AM. In lieu of the Lilly weekend I decided to swing by the Lilly Pulitzer signature store Pink Palm in McLean, Virginia earlier this week. I had never been to this Pink Palm before so it was great to see how their store varied from the one in Charlottesville as well as Richmond. I walked away with the Insulated Cooler Bag featured in Scarlet Begonia.

For such a short trip I decided to pack light, and the Lilly Pulitzer cooler bag was the perfect weekend getaway bag.  It was big enough just to hold all the clothes I needed for the next couple of days. The bright fun color (in one of my all time favorite prints) and the waterproof inside and outside makes this bag a summer essential.  I can't wait to take it to the beach with me very soon! 
AND for those who know me my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is essential for every trip I take.  It always carries all of my makeup, shampoo, lotions, etc.  This time around I had enough room to squeeze in my Lilly Pulitzer planner and my iPad.

Who else will be making the trip to the Spring Warehouse sale? & if you are going, what do you hope to find?

Hope everyone has a great end of the week! Stay tuned for the great finds I bring home from King of Prussia! Stay classy & fabulous <3

My First Post

Hey y'all & welcome to my first blog post!
Blogging has always been something that I've always wanted to do, so here is my attempt to start a blog. So let's begin by learning some fun facts about myself!

  • I am 21 years old
  • Recent 2012 graduate of the the happiest place on earth James Madison University (Go Dukes!)
  • Born & raised in the beautiful state of Virginia
  • I have the most hardworking and supportive parents known to man kind
    • P.S. my dad lives in Hawaii!
  • I have a little brother who will be turning 16 in July!
  • I've been dating my boyfriend since December 2011 & he is pretty stinkin' awesome
  • I am a proud Phi Mu
    • & am in LOVE with my beautiful Elite Family and SEXY6 Sisters
  • I am a Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity sweetheart <3
  • I am a shopaholic... it's truly an awful disease
  • I am slightly obsessed with preppy/southern brands especially Lilly Pulitzer! 
  • I love me some country music!
  • I love trying and learning new things.
  • When I'm hungry you can feed me pretty much anything because I love food!
Now that we've got our facts straight, here's the fabulous find of the week!
Today, I was in desperate need of a mani-pedi (last time was graduation!) and I was so lucky to have stumbled upon some reviews on the Perfect Nails Salon. This little nail salon tucked away in the shopping center a few minutes from my house was a DEFINITE fabulous find because on Tuesdays and Wednesdays they offer a mani-pedi for only $25.  Lately I have been falling in love with shellac nail polish, so for a small additional cost I was able to get a shellac manicure instead. Despite a slight cut on my toe, the service was great and the salon itself was a clean and relaxing atmosphere.  It will definitely be a place I'll be visiting again in the next few weeks.

I walked out with this beautiful manicure! (I am not a huge fan of feet so I didn't feel a picture of my pedicure was necessary... you can just trust me when I say it looks beautiful).
I would recommend this place to all my fellow Northern Virginians who love having perfect manicures and pedicures at all times, but are ballin' on a budget.  They also offer $20 full sets and $12 fill-ins (but don't forget it's only on Tuesday and Wednesday!)

Find them here:
14406 Chantilly Crossing Lane
Chantilly, VA 20151
(703) 378-5672

What are some of your favorite color nail polishes? Anything OPI is a winner in my book.

Hope you enjoyed my very first blog post. I hope you continue to follow me through my crazy attempts at trying to conquer this thing we all the "real world". Stay classy & fabulous!